Writing Essays -how can I crack an IELTS essay?

Handwriting- Wayback in school when our teacher told us to write a paragraph what were the things she asked us to check. Yes ,seems very small in consideration but the truth is that presentation is very important.Have you ever been to a restaurant where they served you food without presenting it well.Presenting your essay with an untidy writing is the same as throwing the food on the customer’s table….oops!!!We definitely dont want to do that do we?

So change your poor habits and work towards improving the presentation of content or opt for the computer based version so that you dont need to worry on one aspect atleast.Phew!!

Format/Template:We all know that presenting our essay gives an edge to it.Four paragraphs equally divided is what we require.The paragraphs should have almost equal lines and that would even out the look

Connectors:At the beginning of each paragraph dont forget a small but important aspect”connector”.What exactly is a connector and how can we find them.In simple words these are just words that connect paragraphs and bring them together.

Say for example,to continue a paragraph we can use connectors like-

‘to elaborate further”,Adding to the above,Reiterating further .

Vocabulary and word count

“Word and words are all I have to get the score I need”-This slogan will help us make a list of advanced but understandable words which we must use in our essay.

Keep 5-6 words which you can use all the time and put them in every essay that you write.Also get into the habit of creating a word list and every week use these words in daily conversation.This will increase your vocabulary power.

The word count should be around 280 words and not more than 300.