Admissions Consulting Services

If you are  planning to study abroad at one of the best Universities across the globe then Adviks Admissions team is here to assist you in this life changing decision!

There are many factors that influence the admission decision apart from appearing in important mandatory tests like GMAT/GRE/SAT/IELTS. If you aspire to get into the Ivy league Universities, it is important that you profile yourself well. You need to build a profile that  stands out among thousands of applicants Y

To execute the same, you would require documents such as a Resume, a well-written Statement of Purpose, and Letters of Recommendation from your University professors .There are also certain additional transcripts and financial documents.

Our Admissions team will cater and guide to the above requirement and assist you in making the process a smooth transition in your life. We will manage your study abroad application right from profile building based on your area of interest to the visa stage. Furthermore, we will also assist in editing your Resume, Letters of Recommendation, and Personal Statements/Statements of Purpose/Essays to increase your chances of admission. You will be given expert guidance about visa counselling and pre-departure. We believe in assisting our students on a one on one basis and you will have the same person as your center of contact throughout the process of realising your overseas education dream. 

Our End-to End Services

We at Adviks English academy Private Limited provide end-to-end services to study abroad aspirants. We start from student Profile assessment and shortlisting of universities based on Student’s choice .We guide our students on different documentation and collection of the same. Apart from that we also look into any editing required of documents such as the Resume, Letters of Recommendation, Statements of Purpose, Essays, applications, review of the financial documents . Post receiving of LOA we take the student through Visa process.