Section 1 

In section 1 you start with personal questions such as about yourself, your family, your home or your work/study.


i) In the second part of Section 1 you have to answer questions on themes of general interest. These are not complicated but are more demanding than the ones that you did in the part before

Section 2

Preparation and practice for Section 2 is similar to the practice in Section 1. You have to talk for 1 to 2 minutes in English. Speaking for this time in your own language is quite hard, so in a foreign language it is harder. The reason it is hard is that you don’t often talk uninterrupted for 1 to 2 minutes about anything, whether it is in your language or English. So, how do you get better at it? By practising it again and again. Let’s say that your task is as follows:

Describe a favourite holiday destination that you like.

You should say:

When you first went there.

How you get there.

What you do when you’re there.

And explain why this place is so special for you


Section 3

Section 3 really carries on from where Section 2 left off. The examiner will ask you questions that are thematically linked to the subject that you talked about in Section 2

So, let’s look at some examples.


Can you predict any major changes that could happen in the Tourist Industry over the next 50 years?

Can you compare the tourist industry in your country today with the tourist industry when your grandparents were young? Can you identify some of the factors that have led to the Industry  success of the airline industry?


Can you suggest any ways in which air travel could be made safer?

You can see that the questions here are more analytical and require more thought than the questions in the previous sections.