Two subsections that must be completed in 53-60 minutes:

  • The first task is to write an Email
  • The second task is to respond to Survey Questions



You will have thirty minutes to complete each task. If you finish the first task early and move on to the second task, you will still have a maximum of thirty minutes to complete Task 2. In other words, you cannot carry extra time from Task 1 over to Task 2.


  • transitions and connectors to show the relationship between sentences and paragraphs.
  • Keep in mind that you are writing an email message and format your response accordingly.
  • Be culturally aware



Each writing response is rated by two trained and certified CELPIP-General writing raters using the CELPIP-General Writing Rating Scale. This means that four different raters, two for each task, assess your work.



  1. Coherence/Meaning


  1. Lexical Range (Vocabulary)


  1. Readability/Comprehensibility


  1. Task Fulfillment



  1. COHERENCE/MEANING: Express a clear, focused, and well-organized message that is easy to follow.
  2. VOCABULARY: Choose words that demonstrate precise and appropriate use of a rich range of vocabulary; put words and phrases together in a natural way.
  3. READABILITY/COMPREHENSIBILITY: Use language structure that makes your writing clear and easy to understand. Organize your writing in well-constructed paragraphs.
  4. TASK FULFILLMENT: Address all parts of the prompt sufficiently and effectively.





This category measures how smoothly and effectively the ideas flow together to form a meaningful and coherent whole.


  • Are the ideas explained clearly?


  • Are the ideas well organized so that the reader can easily follow what has been written?


  • Can the test taker express precise meaning and/or explore deeper levels of meaning?



This category assesses how well test takers use vocabulary, idioms, and phrases to make their ideas understandable.


  • Is the range of words sufficient to complete the task?


  • How well is the test taker using words that help express precise ideas clearly?


  • Can the test taker combine words to express precise meaning?




This category measures how intelligible and fluent the test taker’s writing is.


  • How much do errors in word form, spelling, and punctuation interfere with readability?


  • Does the test taker’s control of grammar and syntax interfere with or improve readability?


  • Is there complexity and variety in the sentence structure?


  • Does the test taker use paragraphing and formatting to improve readability?


  • Are connectors and transitions used appropriately and effectively?


This category considers how well the content of the response addresses the task requirements. In other words, have test takers understood the instructions and done everything they were asked to do?


  • How well does the response address the task?


  • How complete is the response?


  • Is the tone of the response appropriate for the social context of the task?


  • Is the word count within the given range?
  • The four category ratings from one rater are combined into one score for that task. Two raters rate each task, and all four task scores are combined into one overall score for your Writing skills. Each task is worth 50% of your Writing score.