I will go on………

It is true that sometimes the relentlessness with which we do things can be frustrating.Express result requirement and no positive output brings us to a place where we feel that life is not fair or everything bad is happening with us.

Let us look at a few situations

I am not getting the desired scores after many attempts…

Yes, truly a situation which can overwhem you and finally you decide that “It is not possible”whereas if we really look at it closely there is a possibility that the approach with which the test was given was not right.

Now the question that arises is how will I know what the right approach is??

Truly introspect and check the following:

  • Do I do two hours of disciplined self study everyday?
  • Do I have a plan or schedule?
  • Do I look for errors and find their answers?
  • Is my grammar weak?
  • Do I often make spelling errors?
  • Is some improvement required in my pronunciation?
  • Is there some work required in my fluency

Well if the answer to the above questions was mostly yes then there is a possibility that you succumb under pressure just before the test and the test pressure overpowers you.

If the answer was No then you need to do the above otherwise your arrow will never hit the target.Have the hunger to achieve and you will no matter what the obstacles are believe that “I CAN”

Believe Introspect and Achieve!!!!