1.When we speak of someone or something for the first time we use “a” or “an” but when we speak of the same person or thing for the second time we use “the”.

2.We use the when t is clear to the listener or reader which person or thing we are referring to

  .Eg: My car is at the workshop on Delhi road.3.We us ethe when there is only one such thing.


4.  We usually use ‘the’ before ordinal numbers.

  An ordinal number is a number like first,second,etc.

Eg:Joseph won the third prize.

5.We use the before some proper nouns such as :-

a.Names of oceans,rivers and sea.

  Eg:-the Atlantic ocean.

b.Names of most buildings,landmarks,monuments and natural wonders.

  Eg: The National museum,the Taj Mahal.

c.Names of places containing ‘of ‘and people’s titles containing ‘of’.

  Eg:The state of Uttar Pradesh.

  The General manager of HDFC.

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