Usage of some prepositions


  In is used with names of countries and large towns.  Eg:He lives in India

   whereas at is more often used when speaking of small towns and villages.

  Eg:He lies at Andheri in Mumbai.n  We use in with the names of streets and at when we give the house number.

  Eg:He lives in Church street.

  He lives at 45 church street. nWe also use at when we talk about group activities and shops/workplaces.Did you see Shobha at the party?

3. ON– It is used when we think of a place as a surface.Eg:Put it on the table.

4. TILL & TO –Till is used for time and to is used for place.

Eg:He slept till 8 p.m.

He walked to the road.

5. With & By– With often denotes the instrument and by the agent.Eg:He killed two birds with one stone.

6.In & within –In before a noun denoting a period of time means at the end of ;within means before the end of.

Eg: I shall return in an hour.

  I shall return within an hour

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