He came into the room looked at the disorder and was perplexed.How it came to be like this he could not imagine.The silence was broken.He waited anxiously for some sign of life.Nothing at all.His eyes moved furtively from wall to door , from floor to ….corner….There in the corner,slumped between overturned chairs was a man,face drained to a pallor,and still a lifeless creature.There was no phone in the house,no means of contact with the outside world.There was nothing to be done but to leave immediately and run,run as fast as he could away from the disorder,away from the chaos,away from responsibility.Tell no one,get away ,far away,run,run,fast,faster,feet moving,feet,feet,out of step not my step,step another step,louder,nearer,quicker,thus,thud,stop

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